2 Options for Such Website That Has Rejected By AdSense

Web owners have been addicted towards AdSense – because it’s by Google or gives the highest revenue. To tell the truth, that is because of the both facts. But your world doesn’t end if your application is rejected by the Google. A Little depression is natural but don’t let it overwhelm.

Keep the point clear; the article is not going to tell the ways of the monetizing website. I’m going to share what my experience forces me to share.

Although there are many reasons of rejection, but majorly two of the reasons can be; poor content quality, or the country you belong from. Everyone knows (can be new news for the newbies, though), AdSense hardly accepts applications from China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

To come to the point, AdSense never explains to the point reason that why you would be rejected. Once the website has been rejected now it is really harsh to get approved by them [but not impossible if you overcome the weaknesses].

everyone doesn’t like mango despite the king of fruits.

The question is; what will the owner do with that website after the rejection? I suggest choosing one option from the explained two;

1. Choose the Best Alternative

Commonly the victims (who are rejected by AdSense) look for the AdSense alternatives. They take a help of search engines or ask the same field fellows about it. However, if you search yourself then Google will come up with loaded results. If you search “One Best AdSense Alternative” then you will see the result such as;

AdSense alternatives

There are no such results that name the particular ads network as the AdSense alternative. Of course, that is your responsibility to find the best one among trusted plus good paying network.

I agree with those experts who recommend media [dot] net but the network also approves as strictly as AdSense. Let me say; you must apply for it that trying is better than [completely] giving up. Unfortunately, if you get rejected by the media [dot] net as well then apply one of the best PPC ads networks.

NOTE: if you apply for more than one network at a time, and even approved by those networks then you should choose one or two of them for your website – NOT more than two.

Either you have implemented Chitika ads, RevenueHits, or else one; you cannot make much revenue from those networks compared to AdSense. But $10 is better than $0, at least that covers hosting, and domain expenses.

2. Sell Your Site on Flippa

Yes, sell your site on Flippa [dot] com, and create the brand new website after passing through the complete selling process that is around 1 to 2 months. This time, take care of the AdSense policies, work harder, and choose the better niche.

This option is recommended based on my 3 years worth of experience. Many of you would disagree with my recommendation, but it is also a fact that everyone doesn’t like mango despite the king of fruits.

A Serious Note: There are many agencies and individuals are creating websites just to sell – Not a bad way to making money online.

Look at the screenshot below; the site ‘pestrevenge’ sold in $2,050 and the site generates only 2, 607 unique visitors monthly.

flippa recommended

If you need any help regarding selling the site or something else then please ask freely, and you would find the more honest and friendlier answer than you expect.

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