5 Top AdSense Alternatives That Worth To Substitute

Webmasters who own from large to small traffic generating websites look for the best CPC ads networks for the good source of income. There are loaded articles over the internet and they come up with top or best CPC ads network listing.

The choice is yours that what network you choose. Web-owners should have strong analytical skills to compare 10 or more ads networks and sign up on the best one (per own survey).

Just to recall one point; AdSense is unbeaten ads network because of its highest CPC. That’s the reason AdSense is strict with its policies and approves publishers’ account if they fully fulfill the policies. Your slight abandonment can be a cause of rejection, for example; if the site consists in copied images (not free copyright).

Here the discussion is going to lead to awareness about 5 commonly used ads networks that are mostly implemented on such sites that failed having approved AdSense accounts. But they also have faded up by AdSense’s alternatives, and looking for their alternatives.

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In fact; many ads networks give good revenue in starting around 2 to 6 months, but they start cutting off the higher percentage of total revenue for them and pay pennies to the publishers.

The listing shows the AdSense alternatives and then the alternatives’ alternatives (isn’t it funny? Not so funny, though, one of the most serious notes), let’s have a deep look to get the best one for your website;

1. Media.net

People run towards media.net as soon as AdSense rejects their application. Although, media or Yahoo ads network is ranked second best ads network, but it is also hard to get approval. Easy for those websites that generate valuable traffic, of course from the US, UK, and Canada. If the network doesn’t accept your application then the better ads network is in your fingertips; Adtall.

Compare Both Ads Networks Yourself

Features Media.net Adtall
Website Types Only top quality content publishers are accepted from small to large, Media.net doesn’t accept such sites that consist in alcoholic, drugs, gambling, pornographic, violence, auto-generated, and illegal content. Good performance-based websites are accepted of all niches excluding adult, gambling, alcohol, and illegal content containing websites.
Campaigns CPC/PPC and CPM CPC/PPC and CPM
Ads Formats Display Ads (of variant sizes and formats) and Mobile Ads (ads can be customized to match the color, contrast to your site). Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, and Text Ads
Minimum Payout $100 $10 – pay on request
Payment Methods Wire Transfer, and PayPal Only PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover
Is It Scam? People find their accounts suspended and call it scam (of course, which is due to breaking the policies). Media.net is maintaining its status like AdSense because of its strict policies, but it is not scam at all. Adtall is not good in customer support (complain is noticed via its social pages). However, there is no proof regarding scam.

2. BidVertiser

BidVertiser was launched in 2003. Its credibility counts by its age that it still runs and provides cooperative services. Because of its low CPC users are looking for its better alternative, if you are one of them then you should try RevenueHits.

Compare Both Ads Networks Yourself

Features BidVertiser RevenueHits
Website Types The network accepts all niches excluding adult, gambling, alcohol, and illegal content containing websites. The network accepts alcoholic and gambling sites as well as the rest of general niches (excluding adult).
Campaigns  PPC, CPM Revenue Share
Ads Formats Display Ads, and Text Ads Display Ads, Text Ads, and Mobile Ads (of variant sizes)
Minimum Payout $10 $20
Payment Methods PayPal Payoneer, PayPal
Is It Scam? The network has zero scam proofs based on forum discussion. People call it scam because of its Net 45 payment terms (means it pay after 45 working days), and that is its policy.

3. Chitika

Chitika is also established in the same year 2003 (as BidVertiser). The leading management team of Chitika consists in Indians while its headquarter is located in the US. The country doesn’t matter, though; honest or scammers can be found everywhere. If you find the network not that good then Propeller Ads is the first alternative of Chitika.

Compare Both Ads Networks Yourself

Features Chitika Propeller Ads
Website Types All niche websites excluding alcoholic, adult and gambling. It accepts all niche websites excluding illegal content containing websites.
Campaigns PPC CPM
Ads Formats Display Ads, and Text Ads (of variant sizes) All ad formats
Minimum Payout $10 (via PayPal), and $50 (via Check) $50 (via PayPal), $100 (via Payoneer), and $500 (via Wire Transfer)
Payment Methods PayPal, and Check Any method that is convenient to the publisher such as; Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payza, Epese, and ePayments.
Is It Scam? Not scam but it gives lower rates. People say it scam because of its lower revenue.

4. AdHitz

AdHitz is a bit complicated for the new webmasters, and they earn nothing after spending their precious hours to know it (like a crazy that is searching his lost coin). However, there is a specific page where you can guide yourself how it works, but still I must say to stay away until you get used to in your online field. Global Ad Space is three times better than AdHitz for those people who have been failed to understand AdHitz.

Compare Both Ads Networks Yourself

Features AdHitz Global Ad Space
Website Types The terms are differentiated from ad to ad because of its auction campaign. However, it accepts all legal niches websites. The network accepts all niches excluding gambling, alcohol, flashing, warning, religious, and adult niches websites.
Campaigns  PPC, Auction CPM, and Revenue Share
Ads Formats All types and length (duration around 1 day to months if the ads are bought in auction) IAB ad units
Minimum Payout $25 (via PayPal), and $50 (via Payza) $10
Payment Methods PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payza PayPal, and Direct Deposits
Is It Scam? People say that it is scam and changes the available amount into $0. Apart from this fact, many users are satisfied with its revenue. The network was founded in 2012, and not as much established that is the reason there is no scam issues yet.

5. Adversal

Adversal is leading day by day because of its eligibility. In the online working field, finding eligibility is like a miner finds a gem. If you want its eligible alternative then AdZonal is strongly recommended for better steady revenue.

Compare Both Ads Networks Yourself

Features Adversal AdZonal
Website Types The network doesn’t accept illegal content containing websites. It accepts all niche websites but not adult and illegal ones.
Campaigns CPM CPM, POP
Ads Formats Multiple ads (likely pop-unders and banners) Display Ads, and Text Ads
Minimum Payout $20 $1 (via PayPal), and $50 (via Wire Transfer)
Payment Methods Check, PayPal, and Wire Transfer PayPal, and Wire Transfer
Is It Scam? Same as other networks are blamed that people find it scam because of its slow earning meter. Users say about AdZonal that it is giving higher CPM rates than other AdSense’s alternatives.

A SERIOUS NOTE: All 10 mentioned top ads networks are trustworthy. In actual fact, people are looking for the better substitute of AdSense and they hardly satisfy with the revenues of alternatives. More reader-friendly articles are in pipeline, stay tuned!