6 Reasons You Are Disapproved By CPA Ads Networks

There is no rocket-science for getting approved on any CPA ads networks. But some terms and conditions are. Those conditions should be kept in mind if you are going to be an affiliate or publisher newly.

1. Don’t Start Bombarding

Are you a beginner? If you have got obsessed with loaded payment proofs and want to work as a CPA publisher then the question is how to take a start? Obviously, there is no such network that says to submit an application and they approve it. NO – Not experience but you must have at least a knowledge that how it works. Hey, Beginners! Don’t apply until you have the knowledge of CPA and publisher relationship.

2. Submitted Application?  Now Call Them

If you have knowledge then that’s really good, but NEVER stay calm just after submitting the application. Each reputed network is featuring with a phone number(s) mostly toll-free. Next you have to call them (yes, in English) and tell them about your submission. Never avoid this point it is one of the reasons people rejected. What is the logic behind that? Yes, there is, they are looking for the serious ones. Your call let them know how much you are interested in being an affiliate. Sometimes phone call from your behalf is enough whether you have a website or not.

NOTE: If you don’t find a phone number on the networks’ sites then search on the Google. For example; MaxBounty, one of the top CPA networks, has no phone number displayed on their site then be grateful to the Google;

Search CPA ads networks Phone Numbers on Google

3. Blank Face – But Why?

Obviously, they will have a keen look at your application and ask some relevant queries over the phone. The main question; they ask for a marketing strategy (commonly known as “Internet Marketing”) that how would you promote the products? First ask to yourself and get the honest answer before calling them. Have you planned a strategy to promote the products? If yes, then answer them confidently. Never give up if you get confused while phoning the first time and get rejected by that particular network. Overcome the mistakes and target to another top trusted CPA network.

4. How to Create a Strategy?

One of the most beneficial strategies is creating a website of product reviews. And, apply for the CPA ads network as soon as the website starts generating good number of traffic (around 100 per day from US, UK, and Canada). It is necessary that you focus the mentioned countries (UK, US, and Canada) in concern of getting traffic, because of the affiliate networks that they ship their products to these countries only.

Sorry to those who want to earn overnight. There is nobody (who has already earned good pay from top CPA ads networks) that says I earned without any promoting strategy. Such as a seller is selling dried fruits in a well-organized and cool manner;

effective marketing strategy

A Notable Point: In other case, if one sells dried fruits keeping in his pockets then he would hardly make sells. And, many of the people would be suspicious about his inappropriate action.

5. Don’t You Have a Website? No Issues…

If you have no website or cannot afford any website (because of the time, investment or any issue) despite that you can be an approved publisher of CPA ads networks IF you know how to promote products effectively via social media sites. But there is a mandatory (required *) field that asks for the website link;

website is the best stragey for promoting products

Either some of you don’t bother to apply because they have no website or some of you apply and fill the field with dummy link such as; www [dot] google [dot] com. The second option is recommended for such people who have no website, PLUS you should write some words about the dummy website link (that you have no website) on the field where they ask about your experience or the strategy you would apply.

NOTE: Some networks don’t require website link such as; MaxBounty.

maxbounty no website required

But if you ask for the best strategy then it is better to have a solid niche website. The reason is that website earning is a passive income source while other strategies like internet marketing via social media sites or emails ask your TIME all the time.

6. Have a Site But Not a Product Niche…

Many of you have their own websites, but such sites are not created for promoting products. They are simply on general niches. Never provide them a link of that website; they will assume you want to promote their products via celebrity news site. Isn’t it lame? Not only lame, even there is no benefit if the traffic has an only concern in reading news articles and not purchasing the products. First of all, you will not get an approval by them if you fill the website field just to FILL.

NOTE: CPA stands for Call Per Action. There is no revenue if the targeted audience is having no interest in buying any item.

Take a benefit of owning a website, and give them your domain email address such as; admin [at] adsnetworkreviews [dot] com while submitting the application so they will find your application as a professional candidate, and most probably would like to approve your application.

I hope this article would help to beginners, and let them think to build an effective strategy!


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