7 Things to Keep In Mind Before Joining a CPM Ads Network

Before jumping into the things that everyone should keep in mind who is interested in joining CPM ads network as a publisher. Little clearance is essential about CPM that what it is actual. In Latin language, Mille means thousand, and in web language CPM stands for Cost Per Mille (means cost per thousand). Publishers (website owners) choose CPM ads network because the networks pay per thousand impressions.

Don’t be confuse, CTR ads networks are those who pay Click Through Rates basis, so don’t mix up both campaigns CPM is an impression based network while CTR pays until the traffic click on the ads. Probably, people don’t mix up both CPM and CTR campaigns, but that is said just to explain CPM in a better way.

Hopefully, the definition of CPM has been cleared now. Let’s go ahead to keep some points in mind regarding CPM ads networks;

CPM means quote

1. One & More Campaigns

One ad network can come up with a number of campaigns such as AdCash; it offers CPM, PPC and CPA campaigns.

2. CPM and vCPM

Many CPM ads networks offer vCPM campaign models. vCPM stands for Viewable Cost Per Mille (1000). To be clearer, vCPM campaigns pay only viewed ads, while CMP based networks pay to those impressions that were “below the folds” as well as onscreen. Now, what does mean by “below the folds”? In web language, it means such ad that one can view after scrolling down the page. vCPM networks don’t pay to “below the folds” ads, for example; Adosia, it is vCPM based ads network.

3. Networks Set Desired CPM Rates

CPM rates are different from one network to another and from big sized ads to small sized ads. Apart from this fact, traffic value counts in each campaign whether it is CPM, PPC, or CPA. However, the average CPM rates start from $7 and goes above $12. Keep it noticed; the rates can be lower than average likely $1 or $2 per 1000 impressions.

4. Pop-under Ads

There are many ads networks that come up with ONLY ad format that is popunder ads. Pop-under ads are not visible on websites. When visitors click on the site then a new window opens behind the already opened window. Many of such networks pay based on CPM campaigns as well PPC and other.

5. eCPM Is Not Campaign

People get confuse between the both acronyms CPM and eCPM. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, and eCPM stands for effective Cost Per Mille. CPM is a campaign while eCPM is not a campaign it is used as a buying method and can be used for all campaigns, likely, eCPC, eCPA and more. Just go through the link and understand eCPM with the most authentic example (by AdSense Blog).

6. Chosen CPM Network’s Credibility

To be a successful publisher, you need to choose the reliable ads network. Likely; if you choose such network that is willing to pay $8 per CPM, and other shortlisted one pays $2 per CPM then, of course, you would choose the highest paying one. But the decision can go in all vain (in a loss) if the highest paying one has ZERO credibility. To rely on the networks, you must search out XYZ (networks name) with the word scam in a search engine (Google or else), and read the comments (not only one positive comment) to rely on the ads network.

7. CPM Industry Is Leading From Year to Year

CPM metrics is widely being used by the web world. Because of the fact, the groups are turning into ads networks companies and showcasing their better services (higher CPM rates) than the already existed competitors. You should not stick to one CPM ads network for long. If you want to earn more revenue then keep checking out the latest relevant articles on few of the trusted ads networks sites. Try the best one based on your satisfaction (experience, or recommendation) and check it at least for two months until the time comes to eat fruit.

Spread the words and let the World know something relevant per experience or observation. Stay tuned for more informational pieces!


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