8 Times YES Can Lead to Long-Term Approval By AdSense

If you have been disappointed by AdSense denial, and not feel good with its alternatives then you must take care for the policies to get approval by AdSense.

What my 3 years worth of experience says about AdSense;
(keep in mind, these are my personal views about the network based on experience and observation)

AdSense doesn’t see the country anymore. The mindset has been that AdSense doesn’t accept applications from certain countries, but it is totally wrong – if the site is launched and fully adhered to the policies then no matter from where you come, you will be approved.

Proof of My Statement: Hamariweb is one of the leading Pakistani web portal and has been approved by AdSense. Now take out your mind from the nonsense sentence ‘AdSense doesn’t approve Pakistanis’ application [or by Bangladesh, India or China].

Challenge: Show me any US based website that claims AdSense approves its application despite having copied content [or despite breaking AdSense policies]. Whispering; who claims openly, just be a spy and spot such website that contains copied content, and still is approved by AdSense.

8 Times YES Can Lead to Long-Term Approval By AdSense

If you say; who cares?
Then AdSense would not ashamed to say; who pays?

Questioning goes here;

1 – Is your domain and hosting registered on your name?

If you have a blog as one of the following examples; xyz.blogpost, xyz.weebly, or xyz.wordpress, then it is essential to have only XYZ website and don’t give AdSense a reason to reject your application.

2 – Do you update the site with original or unique articles?

Every web owner knows very well that how much he is loyal while writing articles for his website. But never ever forget that Google can easily detect with the help of plagiarism software whether articles are unique. Even, it checks every single page, manually and automatically. First be loyal with yourself, and DON’T copy the single sentence from the already published content.

Confusion between unique articles and original articles; a unique article is that which is written in own words based on studying the already published articles. While, the original article is that which is written based on 100% personal knowledge [own theories, own experiments, own quotes, own examples and so on]. AdSense is happier with original content, though, but it approves unique articles containing websites as well.

3 – Do you add free copyright images in your pieces?

Google images are not free to use, and if someone of you uses the images from Google Images then most probably that can be the reason of rejection.

Fact: AdSense will never tell you the particular reason of rejection. On the spot [of rejection], it sends a mail with grieve and says to apply again after improvements. For example; AdSense never tells that XYZ article’s 2nd image is copied so change it and then apply so we will approve, NEVER!

reapply for AdSense

To come to the point, there are loaded websites that offer free images for commercial use that you can use on websites, apps, books etc. But each free images offering website has its own policies, it is recommended that you read the complete guide of the usage of free images.

4 – Have you provided real and accurate details while filling the sign-up form?

Take this step as seriously as you do while signing the marriage papers. Give 100% accurate details about yourself. If they ask Payee Name [Payee means who receives the payment] then give them your that name that is mentioned in your NIC [National Identity Card] or Driving Licence. Not only Payee Name, even EACH SINGLE FIELD you will fill with accurate detail.

5 – Is your site 6 months older?

AdSense mentions two countries namely, China and India in its guide, and recommend them not to apply until the site is 6 months older [the date of publishing first article, not the domain registration date]. Recommendation for All Asian and African publishers is that apply 6 months after updating the site regularly. This policy for particular regions is because AdSense wants consistent publishers and check if the publisher continually updates his blog 6 months in a stretch. In short, AdSense loves serious applicants.

6 – Is your website in one of the following languages?

AdSense approves languages websites

If YES, then apply with the accurate website link. If NO, then the site cannot be approved by AdSense at any cost. DON’T APPLY!

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7 – Is your site already implemented with AdSense alternative ads?

Of course, your site will be reviewed manually and automatically just after submitting the application. Now, have a look at your site being a man of AdSense. But what happens as soon as you land on the site, the site welcomes with plenty of pop-ups and pop-unders [onclick ads]. And, same happens with every single visitor that comes to your blog to get something useful or new. The AdSense values user-friendly atmosphere, you should also care about them, and don’t welcome them with unexpected actions. This is one of the causes of visitors prefer to leave the site even before the average duration time [that is not more than 8 seconds]. The suggestion is that deactivate all the ads until the review process completes. Obviously, if you get approval then no more need of such low-paying ads.

8 – Have you placed the ads in limits and appropriately?

Many of you would beware with the AdSense sign up process, while many of you would not. AdSense Sign Up process consists in five steps, three of them for you [publisher’s], and 2 of them for AdSense. As the screenshot clears many confusions;

AdSense sign up process

You have submitted the application, next you have to place first ad unit [the particular code in HTML text area] as soon as possible. Many of the applicants don’t apply the 2nd step and wait for the approval mail. Another issue is that people don’t know how and where to implement [add] frist ad unit.

Recommended Ad Sizes: 336×280 [large rectangle], 160×600 [half page], and 728×90 [leaderboard].

Recommended Ad Limitations: you can implement total 3 ads units based on AdSense policy.

Recommended Ad Placement: header, in-slide [side-bar] and in-post. Have a look at the screenshot for better understanding;

AdSense appropriate ads placement

NOTE: The guidelines are 100% based on AdSense policy. Don’t exceed any of the recommendation. Experiments with AdSense codes can cause of rejection. Take care of the policies to get long-lasting approval by AdSense.

Further, look at the statements by AdSense;

How to apply on AdSense effectively

Garnish the Dish Now;

If your honest answer of each query is YES, and despite that you are disapproved by AdSense, then I’m sure there is an answer NO of one of the questions, or the reason of denial not spotted properly.

P.S. All screenshots are taken from AdSense Guide & Policies.

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