Top 10 PPC Ads Networks – ‘Cool CPC Rates’

The best PPC ads networks are being launched speedy from year to year, but the publishers are existing more than advertising companies. Despite the growing field, people are not fully aware with the term PPC. It is necessary for the web developers to learn [at least basic] knowledge of web language. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. As the users click on the displayed ads so the publisher earns. Each advertising network comes up with its own desired CPC.

Now here is the big confusion between PPC and CPC. After hours study, I came to understand the real meaning of CPC and obviously would like to share with my readers.

Clear Definition of CPC

CPC stands for Cost Per Click means the set price of per click that is vary from one network to another. CPC and CPM, both are used as calculation. It’s up to the network what they choose to set the desired rate whether per click or per 1000 impressions. Generally, people say CPC networks to PPC, that is not inappropriate to say, but better is to call PPC if you are a publisher.

Hopefully, you would clear the concept of CPC now, and don’t get confuse about it. Let’s go ahead and check out the best 10 PPC networks;

NOTE: I’m not going to add AdSense [ads by Google] and [ads by Yahoo], both are undoubtedly ranked 1st and 2nd in the list of best PPC ads networks, respectively. In fact of the matter, both highest paying networks approve the applications hardly. Sooner or later, I’ll discuss the real reasons of both networks’ rejection.

Next, you are going to rapid reviews of top 10 PPC ads networks 2015 – based on monthly searches. I’ll capture the screenshots of Google keyword tool to show that which ad network is being searched on Google [search engine] the most. And, obviously, the ranking will be based on the number of searches. It’s an authentic proof of the popularity, because if any website is searched on Google from its exact name that means one intends to go to the site directly, most probably for signing in [or signing up].

In my top 10 PPC ads networks listing are;

. AdCash
. BidVertiser
. Clicksor
. Advertising
. AdBlade
. AdMarketPlace
. RevenueHits
. Chitika
. PropellerAds
. PopAds

Above, they are not ranked, I’m going to rank them slightly below based on my own research, observation, and experience;

1. PopAds
2. PropellerAds
3. RevenueHits
4. Advertising
5. AdCash
6. BidVertiser
7. Chitika
8. Clicksor
9. AdBlade
10. AdMarketPlace

NOTE: If you have an experience of any relevant category’s ads network then must share your words via commenting below. If you are a publisher and looking for the best ads network (AdSense has rejected your website) then must try one of the top three ads networks.

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